What is a domain name?

One of the first steps to creating a website is to choose a ‘web address’ or ‘domain name’. This is the ‘www. websitename.com‘ that people type into their web browser to view your website. It is a unique name/address that can only be used for one website – so obviously you can’t choose a name that someone else is using.


How do I choose a name?

You may want to go with your company name, something that will be remembered easily or maybe something that will help you get found by search engines. Either way, once you have chosen your name you will want to secure it for yourself so that nobody else can use it. At VLC Design we can take of this for you. You choose a name and, if it’s not already in use, we will secure it for you.

So now we have a domain name, we are ready to go, right? Not quite, we have one more step to go – your site needs to be ‘hosted’ on a server so that it can be accessed over the Internet.

What is hosting?

Websites and web pages are actually just pages of code, stored as files, which are presented on the internet, usually as text and images. These files need to be stored somewhere secure where they can be easily accessed and then shown on the internet as your website.

They are stored or ‘hosted’ on a web server. So, much like renting office space for your business, you are actually renting space in which to store your website. There are hundreds of companies out there offering server space with various different prices and packages.


Trustworthy Hosting

It can be quite confusing and hard to know who is reliable and who is not so reliable. Again, VLC Design can take of this for you. We only go with the companies we trust and have experience with.

Contact us now and we will take care of you domain and hosting needs.

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