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With regards to your business, graphic design usually involves logo design, company branding such as business cards, stationary and office signage, advertising material such as posters, leaflets, flyers and even billboards and, for those on the move, company car signage. At VLC Design we have experience with all of these aspects of graphic design.

Company Branding

One of the main purposes of graphic design is to establish your company brand. Your brand is your company’s unique image – it tells customers who you are and what they can expect from your products or services.

TargetWho you are should be based, to a certain degree, on what your target customers want and need your company to be: Are you a highbrow, specialist company only dealing with a particular type of client or a low cost, great value company welcoming all customers?

Branding Foundation: Logo

The foundation of your branding is your company’s logo. Your logo will appear on your website, any packaging and documentation and, of course, any advertising and promotional material. At VLC Design we have found that most clients who come to us looking for logo design already have an idea or a picture in their head of what they want their logo to be.


Our view on logo design is to capture that idea or image that’s in a client’s head and get it down on paper, so to speak. Your branding and logo comes from who you are, so should be a representation of that.

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