Why do I need Marketing?

Marketing allows you to speak directly to your existing and future clients. Marketing is about getting your business known and associated with the particular product or service that you offer. How will people know that your business exists if you don´t tell them? There are some great ways to get your name out there, your website found and to speak to your current and future clients.


Search Engine Optimisation

One of the most effective ways of getting traffic to your website is by optimising it for search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have billions of visitors a day. That´s a lot of people searching, so make sure they know you exist – they may be looking for exactly what you are offering. See our SEO page for more info about website optimisation.


Google Adwords can be an effective tool for getting your website found as it allows targeted pay per click ads in countries, regions or cities of your choice – or even within a set distance of your business or store.

Email Marketing

Using sign up forms is a great way to build a database of clients. Free email services can be used to promote your business and keep in touch with your client base. Email marketing is one of the strongest ways to engage customers and keep them interested.

Advertising and flyers

Newspaper adverts, billboards, website banners, flyers, posters etc. All great ways to get your brand know and and ‘out there’.

 Free Marketing

Regularly ‘blogging’  relevant news and informationon about your company and industry is a great way to keep people interested and returning to your website.

Social media

There are lots of options here so best to go with whatever platform your clients and potential clients use. Similar to email marketing, social media helps you communicate with your potential customers.

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