Search Engine Optimisation

So, your new website is finished and is ready to be shown to the world! It’s ‘made live‘ and you sit back and wait for all those enquires to roll in. You wait…. and wait. Why is nobody emailing you? Why is there no traffic to your website?

Why no website traffic?

The answer is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Or more to the point, the lack of SEO on your website. So what is SEO? Do you really need it? No doubt you have heard the term and probably have a vauge idea that it has something to do with getting to number one in Google. Let us explain.


What is SEO?

Simply put, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is a method of structuring, organising and displaying your website in such a way that search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., recommend and approve of. If your website has been ‘SEO-ed’ properly then it will be found easily by a search engine’s un-paid or ‘organic’ searches.

Search engines prefer websites to be structured and presented in a certain way. Following a few simple practices makes it easy for search engines to crawl, index and understand your website’s content and overall purpose. This in turn leads to the search engines sending organic, relevant traffic to your site.

Does my site need SEO?

It’s pretty safe to say that you have used a search engine at some stage to find some information on the internet.  How does the search engine know which site is relevant to your search and which is not? Again, the answer is SEO.

Search engines are very sophisticated but they can’t see and read web pages like humans can. SEO tells the search engines what each webpage is about and how useful they are to web users.


Search Engines and SEO

Optimising your site ‘explains’ to the search engines what the purpose of your website is and allows the search engines to send targeted traffic to your site. If your website has not been optimised, search engines will simply overlook it.

If search engines cannot find your site then you miss out on almost all potential traffic to your site. Traffic to your website can provide publicity, revenue and exposure to people who are looking for what you offer.

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