What is Reponsive Design?

It’s a term that you will no doubt have heard or read whilst you have been researching and thinking about your new website. Most clients come to us saying that they want their new website to be ‘responsive’, but most are not sure what that actually means. So what does it actually mean?

Fluid Layouts and Design

In layman’s terms, having a responsive website means that your website will work on any device and screen size, no matter if you are viewing that website on a desktop computer, a tablet or on a smart phone. Responsive websites respond to the user’s behavior, screen size and screen orientation, whilst keeping a fluid layout and design. Simply put, your website works and looks good on all devices that allow you to view websites.

Responsive Web Design

These days, web design and responsive web design are one and the same. By not having a responsive site you are severely limiting the reach your site has to your potential audience and/or customers. Have you ever been on your mobile phone and left a website frustrated because you couldn’t view it properly? You’ve probably never gone back to that site again. At VLC Design, we can quickly build you a responsive website or upgrade your old website to a similar, responsive design and layout.

Web Design and Google

All websites really need to be properly optimised (see SEO) so that they can be found by internet Search Engines, the most popular of course being Google. Google has stated that it recommends and prefers the use of responsive design for mobile devices and even refers to responsive design as the industry’s best practice. When Google speaks, it makes sense to listen.

Property and XML Feeds

We are specialists in property websites that use xml transfer feeds. Depending on your requirements and budget we can find a solution that suits your needs. Our feeds can be set up as one off transfer feeds, feeds that you can control manually or as automatically recurring feeds that can run as often as you like. Drop us a line to find out more.

Web Design - Property Websites

Multi-lingual Websites

We have fully certified translators to translate your website’s content. We can offer translations by human translators into most languages.

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